Our Mission and Vision

I    ❥ Confidence & Happiness

Love   ❥ Conscious Fashion

Vintage   ❥ Newly Made & True Vintage Treasures

I ❥ Confidence & Happiness

Our goal is to make this world a better place by spreading happiness. The I Love Vintage team wants to inspire you by thinking positively about yourself and finding joy in amazing details and craftmanship. Feel like a winner no matter what the occasion is.

Appearance and clothing can be an amazing engine to spark your self-confidence. Ladies from all over the earth come to I Love Vintage to get inspired, for personal styling advice, for fitting-room fun and to try new styles that make them glow. Our specialty is feminine clothing and making you feel good in your appearance. Since we started in 2007 we have styled thousands of ladies in our dreamy changing rooms we learned that wearing a garment that fits well and hugs your feminine curves, makes you feel good and self-confident. After all, confidence and a smile always look best!

Our mission is to make you happy by giving you a confident appearance and by passing on happiness. Whether you are our customer or supplier, we strive that you take something positive from our union. Please always feel free to contact us at info@ilovevintage.com for any ideas, feedback or suggestions, we are eager to hear from you!


Love ❥ Conscious Fashion

Those who give to others discover the beauty in the world. When inner happiness is your goal, slow and conscious fashion is a logical choice in your life. When you give to others, you do not only hold the key to feeling good, you also pass on happiness. A favorite item in your closet is a product of beloved craftsmanship where every person involved in the making process has gained something positive from the making process. By wearing a fairly made and sustainable dress, you give yourself and others the gift of happiness. Such a garment feels good, and natural materials feel good on your skin. And you are being good to our planet. 

We strive to leave our planet as clean as we can by producing as little waste as possible in all our business choices: from the production of our own brand to the buying of other brands and from choosing the people we work with to our creative choices. Our mission  is to offer 100% conscious fashion within five years from now. In our journey towards this goal we are transparent about each item we offer through our sustainability pyramid. We have been doing this for own fairly made and sustainable brand BANNOU items from the start and in 2019 we will be labeling all other items from the store as well.

Vintage ❥ Newly Made & True Vintage Treasures

Our mission is to offer 100% conscious fashion through:

  1. Conscious brands;
  2. True vintage treasures.

We find our inspiration in original vintage garments that are hand made with incredible detail and craftsmanship. In the selection of our newly made brands, we search for similar qualities of artistry. So… our collection is a mix of both true vintage and newly made fashion ❥. We strive to find as many vintage inspired, but also classic brands that embrace the same values as we do. True vintage is a sustainable choice ❥.