New Layout

New Layout?

Yes, Ma’me! Not only a whole new layout, but we have improved a lot behind the screens…

❤️ Easier navigation & filtering
❤️ More Stable & Flexible Platform
❤️ More Mobile Friendly
❤️ Better Delivery Methods
❤️ Layout & Style more in line with our beautiful Store!

The only downpoint is that, due to security & privacy reasons, we were unable to transfer your passwords to this new site. So The only thing we ask you to do, is to request a new password! Our Apologies for the incovenience!

We are still in progress of the finishing touches. However, if you see anything unusual, please let us know!


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Most Important Things to know...

New Site

If you still had paid but not shipped order on the old site, it will be shipped to you as usual.

Category: New Site

As you have seen, we have a new site! We are very happy with it and of course we are very proud. We have all worked hard but if you encounter a mistake somewhere * blush * please let us know!? You can email us by clicking here.

Category: New Site

Yes, unfortunately it is not possible to view your orders from the previous site.

Category: New Site

Are you stuck? Or do you have any other questions or problems please contact us.

Category: New Site

All vouchers have been imported from the old site; the code and the remaining amount are unchanged! On the new site the vouchers are valid indefinitely, just as before!

Category: New Site

Accounts have been completely moved over from the old site to the new site. For Security and Privacy reasons, passwords haven’t been moved. This means that you have to create a new password via the forgot password link. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Category: New Site

Small changes have been made in the ways of shipping and payment. It is even easier than before. Place your order as usual and follow the steps as indicated, easy!

Category: New Site

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