ILV Return

Easier & Cheaper Returns

In the months of December and January we ease the pain of returning.

Returning your purchase, Nobody likes it, but sometimes there is no other choice. With our size guides and instructions, we want you to make the right choice. Nevertheless, returning cannot be prevented when online shopping. Now, we try to ease the pain when you have to.

Previously, a return from the Netherlands would have cost around € 7 and from Belgium & Germany between the € 12-17 . And often you have to wait in the line and pay at the postoffice.

We will deal with it differently in the next two months.

What will change:

  • Email us that you want to return/exchange.
  • We will send you a link which will able you to choose a delivery point and print the return label yourself. 
  • Stick the shipping label on your return package and just drop it at the chosen delivery point. 
  • You are done!
  • The costs, which are also much lower then usual, will be deducted from your return payment.
  • And we will only deduct the amount below if you comletely return your order . When you exchange, all the shipping & return costs will be paid by us.
  • What are the costs?
    • Return From the Netherlands € 3.90
    • Return From Belgium: €5,90
    • Return From Germany €5,90
    • Return From France €8,90


* Maximum of one free exchange return & shipment per order
* Minimum order value €25,-

Free Returns with PayPal

If you use Paypal as a payment method for your order, PayPal will fully refund the return costs to you.

This Service is not provided by ilovevintage but is fully powered by PayPal.

Please see link below for more information.