Eco & Fair Brand

‘‘With BANNOU we offer clothes which we fully support. Feminine design, good quality cutting and sewing and mostly made from sustainable materials. This really is a challenge. The supply chain is long. Nevertheless we will continue to source sustainable fabrics and producers who take the environment into account and who treat their employees well. Step by step we will make some changes.’

We’re inspired to create sustainable fashion

For our clothing brand BANNOU we committed ourself to a production process as sustainable as possible. However, the supply chain is complex and consists of many small links. Each supplier has to go for a balanced industry and needs to develop environmentally friendly processes according to social standards. Because only one sustainable part of the chain does not produce a sustainable product.

‘Sustainable fashion is more than just cutting and sewing. It contains an environmentally friendly way of growing raw materials. Of sustainable production of yarns, and weaving and dyeing fabrics. Consider also the transport of the clothes from sewing location to shop. And all this must be done according to social standards, honest and fair trade. Finally, the clothes have to remain affordable. It will take a long time before we know for sure that garments are produced sustainably at all stages. And we didn’t even talk about the needs of the customer yet. A fabric should feel good, fall easily, be handy to use. The design should be beautiful. Let’s be clear, creating sustainable, affordable fashion in a 100% sustainable supply chain is simply not possible for now. What any other brand may claim. But we strive to get there. For our customers. For the world.’


The reality is that truly sustainable fashion is an ideal yet. With Bannou we want to bridge the gap between reality and ideals. To do so we travel the world in search of beautiful high-quality fabrics. And we choose our partners carefully. Almost all BANNOU clothing is made in a small factory in Romania, where women between the ages of 25 and 65 work under good working conditions, in a beautiful old school building and are paid normally (liveable wages, not just minimum wages). The ladies, as can be seen in this video, work under conditions that more than comply with EU labor regulations. Many brands pay no attention to the cutting and sewing. We seek a good relationship with the women who make the clothes. In search of bonding, aiming for quality, job satisfaction, and social security. Therefore we work regularly with the women together. Getting acquainted and increasing innovation.


Another important principle is transparency. It’s our promise to the customer to give information about what she buys, so she can contribute if she chooses to do so. We use the BANNOU Sustainability Pyramid. This pyramid illustrates the different sustainability levels of her designs. Level one is at the top: these items are made of durable materials, certified according to social standards and dyed in an environmentally friendly way. Or they are made from recycled materials. However, there are few pieces that are classified as level one. The second level relates to items that are made of durable materials but these are not environmentally friendly dyed (or she can’t ascertain that yet). Level three items are made from natural materials, but not necessarily organic. The transition between different levels is by no means a hard one.


The ideal of BANNOU is to create a figure with a wide top: a diamond instead of a pyramid.